Digital Currency Employment

Cryptocurrency is more than just a hot topic of water cooler conversation — it’s creating real-life jobs for people who love the technology. The jobs may range from monitoring digital units of cryptocurrency, to helping a bank conduct virtual transactions, to marketing cryptocurrencies and their products.

These roles are highly specialized and require an extensive education and/or work experience in their respective areas. For example, a blockchain engineer is responsible for building and enhancing the software platforms that support cryptocurrency transactions. This role often requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics or software engineering. A senior blockchain engineer often oversees teams and major projects, and this position offers a median annual salary of $115,651.

Another cool perk for those who want to work in the cryptocurrency industry: Employees may be paid in Bitcoin as part of their salary. This is especially helpful for companies that operate internationally, as it eliminates the need to convert payroll into different currencies.

The job market plays a major role in the overall sentiment towards cryptocurrencies. High employment rates can lead to more disposable income, which means more people are willing to invest in assets like digital currencies. Conversely, when employment rates are low, people tend to be more cautious with their finances and less likely to take risks. This can slow the adoption rate of new cryptocurrencies. Digital Currency Employment

Digital Currency Employment

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