How to Stand Out in a Summer Suit

Summer suits present a unique sartorial opportunity to stand out and look dapper – but only if you pick the right one. In an era where most men ditch their suiting for khakis and shorts, or sweat up a storm in wool, it’s easy to look stylish and refined with the right light-weight, breathable summer suit or sport coat.

The key to a good summer suit is the material, and here’s where linen really shines. The durable, lightweight fabric is naturally breathable, letting air flow through and cool the body, while also being highly resistant to creases so it retains its shape. This makes it perfect for travel and warm weather, especially when paired with cotton or silk ties.

Light wools such as fresco or tropical are another great choice for a summer suit due to their looser weave and higher fibre content that helps keep the skin cool and ventilated. They are also highly wrinkle resistant, so they will maintain their shape throughout the day and keep you looking sharp and polished from desk to dinner.

Finally, there’s also a whole host of summer suit fabrics that aren’t wool at all such as cotton and linen, which offer similar breathability to wool, but with the added benefits of being lighter and more flexible. These fabrics are incredibly versatile and allow you to create a range of looks, from classic khaki to summer-friendly florals and even seersucker, all of which will help you look your best when the mercury rises. Summer suits

How to Stand Out in a Summer Suit

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