The Art of Paper Quilling Jewelry

At first glance, the paper quilling shapes used to make these dazzling earrings and pendants might seem intimidating or fragile. But, as author Ann Martin reveals in her new book, The Art of Paper Quilling Jewelry, these beautiful designs are surprisingly easy to create. They are all made with just two basic shapes: scrolls and coils.

To form a coiled shape, roll a strip of quilling paper around the blunt end of a slotted tool. When you are satisfied with the size, slip the coil off the tool and allow it to relax. The resulting curved loose end can be trimmed to any length you want. Coils are the building blocks of most quilling shapes, and they can be manipulated into endless designs.

A slitted tool can also be used to form perfect spirals. The slits in the long edge of the paper can be closed by pinching the paper to form a tight spiral, or opened to form a loose spiral. The center of a slitted spiral can then be glued, or the loose end can be pinched to add a crimp.

Many quillers also use a pair of lightweight scissors, which are ideal for snipping the glue-bound ends of the strips. Bulky scissors tend to leave sharp paper seams, which can detract from the delicate beauty of quilling.

A good glue is essential for quilling, and many quillers prefer a clear school glue or a clear craft glue that dries quickly. A clay modeling tool, which can be positioned on a non-stick surface, is another popular choice for rolling and positioning coils. Paper Quilling Jewelry

The Art of Paper Quilling Jewelry

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