The Cost of it Managed Security Services

Keeping up with cyber threats is a full-time job that requires expertise and staffing that many companies simply don’t have. Outsourcing security services to an MSSP is a great way to improve uptime, decrease cybersecurity risks and accelerate growth while saving on costs.

The cost of it managed security services depends on a number of factors, including the size & scope of the organization’s IT infrastructure, as well as the extent of monitoring required. Typically, these services are offered on a subscription basis, with the monthly cost based on the type of support that is needed (e.g. monitoring only or also remediation services).

MSS providers can help reduce costs by reducing the need to hire InfoSec staff. A trusted MSSP will already have the technologies, infrastructure & staff in place to deliver 24/7 management and support for the enterprise’s security systems. This saves on employee costs and allows existing IT staff to focus their time & energy on strategic initiatives that create business outcomes.

Another big benefit of an MSSP is the ability to detect & repair vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Unpatched weaknesses in the system provide attackers with an entry point to compromise the network & cause serious financial or reputational damage. A quality MSSP will have a strong team of experts with extensive experience in vulnerability assessment, threat hunting, 3rd party device management & more.

Data breaches can be costly in terms of lost productivity, lost revenue and the negative impact on your company’s reputation. It is becoming more of a matter of not if, but when you will be the victim of a cybersecurity attack. By having a highly qualified MSSP working on your behalf 24/7, you can rest assured that any threats will be quickly detected & dealt with before they have an opportunity to cause lasting damage. it managed security services

The Cost of it Managed Security Services

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