Improve Your Typing Speed With a Free Typing Speed Test

The ability to quickly and accurately type is a crucial skill for many jobs. Using a typing test during the hiring process ensures your candidates have the skills to do the job well. A fast typist can save your company valuable time and money, while an inaccurate typist slows down productivity and creates more work for other employees to clean up. Using the right techniques and practice, anyone can improve their typing speed.

A typing test is a computer keyboarding assessment that measures an individual’s typing speed by the number of characters they can type per minute (usually measured in words per minute, WPM). It also typically measures typing accuracy as a percentage of correctly typed words. Some tests also measure raw keystrokes per hour, or KPH.

Incorrect characters are shown in red and do not count in the final score, whereas correctly typed words are displayed in green. The test results are shown in both CPM and WPM, with the latter being the de-facto international standard. Users can take the test as many times as they like, but only their best result will be used for reporting purposes.

Our free typing speed test measures the number of characters a user can type in a minute, and is available on both QWERTY and DVORAK keyboard layouts. It also measures how accurate a user is, with incorrect characters shown in red and the percentage of words corrected in green. It only takes ten minutes to complete, and is a great way to gauge your current typing speed. typing speed test

Improve Your Typing Speed With a Free Typing Speed Test

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